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The latest issue of Wireframe goes big into space

Issue 40 of Wireframe magazine is out today and if you're a fan of space gaming, it's a good one. The cover feature is a look at Everspace 2, which includes a few words from Rockfish Games' Michael Schade, one of the subjects of a documentary I watched a few days ago. He talks about the evolution of the series from roguelike to open-world shooter, which is an aspect I'm looking forward to experiencing when the game eventually launches since the first game never really grabbed me.

Ostranauts and Starmancer are also given a deep scan, but what I particularly enjoyed was the brief history of space games, which dutifully namechecks the great and the good (and a few duds) from over forty years of development. It skips through some important moments in the timeline, but that's to be expected given the word count. It's definitely worth a read, even if as a reminder at how far the genre has come and what a great time it is to be a fan.

Wireframe issue 40 is available in print for a very reasonable price or can be downloaded from free from the magazine's website. You might want to check out issue 39 while you're there, which features a guide to creating a multiplayer space shooter out of magic computer words some of you might recognise as "Unity".

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