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Star Wars: Squadrons might be more powerful than we imagined

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

More details surrounding Star Wars: Squadrons emerged yesterday, suggesting that development on the Star Wars space shooter has been more heavily influenced by the X-wing series than first thought. This was subsequent to an earlier revelation that HOTAS controls will be supported at launch and means that PC fans of X-wing and TIE Fighter fans can allow themselves to get a bit more carried away ahead of the October 2nd release, quietly confident that Squadron won't simply be a radio edit of Battlefront II's space bits.

Features that hint that the game will have elements more commonly associated with PC space sims include the aforementioned first-person perspective and joystick controls, the need to divert power between weapons, engines and shield, prioritise between fore and aft deflectors, and keep an eye on status displays for throttle, ammunition and hull integrity. To highlight the apparent similarities with "golden era" space titles, PC Gamer helpfully compared Squadron's cockpit layout with that of the original X-wing and found them to be functionally the same.

What X-wing didn't have and that Star Wars: Squadrons will is no small amount of ship customisation, with more than 50 components players can use to augment their ship's capabilities for the battles ahead. Add multiplayer modes and VR support throughout (and a whole heap of cosmetic items that no longer seem worth complaining about) and it all adds up to quite a generous package.


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