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Next-gen Chorus promises to lift us "beyond reality"

The next generation of bleeding-edge consoles are being prepped for launch later this year, soon to be accompanied by an increasing volume of first and third-party game announcements designed to focus hearts and mind on whether to go blue or green. Surprisingly, among them is a space game, Chrous: Rise as One, revealed yesterday as part of the Inside Xbox live stream.

Due to arrive next year on all current and next-gen platforms (sans Switch), Chrous: Rise as One is being developed by Fishlabs and focuses on the story of star pilot Nara and her sentient ship Forsaken, as they travel around the galaxy and "beyond our waking reality" to unite a fractured resistance against a bunch of bad guys called the Circle.

The trailer would have us expect a third-person action-driven game of frenetic space combat, which is clearly an evolution on the studio's Galaxy on Fire series. There appear to be supernatural forces at work, too, invoking ancient powers to suck planets into oblivion. What the trailer doesn't reveal is how much of the gameplay will be "beyond reality", or whether it'll all be a load of hokey exposition. Let's hope for a bit of both.

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