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Let there be lists!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

First, a disclaimer: I really like listicles. I know I'm not supposed to when they're so often deployed as clickbait, but, if the truth be told, I've always liked them; at least since 1984 when a rundown of the 50 best ZX Spectrum games was taped to the front of my very first computer magazine purchase. Yeah, it was 80s clickbait, but that booklet was like a bible for me, at least until I'd amassed enough gaming experiences to form my own opinions about what the best of them were.

My point is that, as half-hearted or as self-indulgent as many lists are, for the game-curious reader they can be a wonderful entry point. They reveal games or gameplay you may be unaware of or are yet to experience, with the best of them presented in a carefully considered order, however subjective or quick to date it might be.

Which brings me on to that other great thing about listicles - that when later in life you've mutated into a spiteful know-it-all internet troll, you can delight in telling an author just how useless a human being they are for inflicting their googled opinions on everyone else.

So, this post is just to say that there will be the odd listicle popping up from time to time - but only when I feel suitably inspired and/or reasonably educated about what's to be featured. There will inevitably be overlooked games and other omissions within, but I plan to update them as time and experience allow. I only hope my little rundowns will be considered as worthy by some as they are worthless by others. Meanwhile, if anyone comes across a copy of the booklet that came with Sinclair User Issue 32 (Nov. 1984), I'd love to see it again! If I recall, The Hobbit was #1.

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