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Fractured Space has been put back together

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Add another one to the list of games that were thought lost to the void and have been thawed à la Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, as the multiplayer capital ship 'em up Fractured Space has been rescued and reconstituted by fans.

Fractured Space was created by Edge Case Games (itself reformed from Strike Suit Zero devs Born Ready) and launched as a free-to-play game in 2016. It was frequently referred to as World of Spaceships, in reference to Wargaming's triptych of multiplayer arena games, but there was more to it than picking a vessel and zooming off to cap a flag. With it's linked battlefields (reminiscent of Allegiance, that other undead space game), and wonderfully detailed "hero" ships, it was to my mind the greatest MOBA on the planet.

Sadly, not a lot of other people thought the same - not enough to keep the lights on for more than a couple of years, at any rate. Indeed, it was Wargaming that effectively shut Fractured Space down, when it took down the Edge Case Games sign in 2018 and replaced with one saying Wargaming UK.

Bit of a story for you: When my wife worked at Wargaming, she mentioned to me that the company was looking to ally with more third-party developers (this was around the time that Total War: Arena was part of its roster), prompting me to suggest that Fractured Space (then still kicking but hardly taking names), would probably be a good fit. I had no idea however that Wargaming's top brass were already eyeing up Edge Case Games and were likely to insist that Fractured Space not be part of the purchase deal.

Still, Fractured Space is back, even if it's not quite firing on all thrusters: The solo and PvE aspects don't seem to work too well, but the tutorial does and there are servers to join, even if there aren't too players to fight against. Still, the more that now know about it, the more will hopefully play.

The instructions for getting Fractured Space up and running can be found here. While you're waiting for the files to download, you may like to check out the 2016 review I wrote for Eurogamer, which I think still holds up - aside from the bit about the "relatively small player base", which is even smaller now, obviously.

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