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Eve Echoes' final bug-banishing beta test starts soon

NetEase is inviting touchscreen capsuleers to apply for what will be the final round of beta testing for Eve Echoes ahead of its August launch. There are 20,000 places (equally divided among Android and iOS users) to be filled in time for the week-long playtest that's due to start early next month.

"This test aims to playtest all current features in the game to ensure the game is fully optimized for the launch. During the test, you will be given the opportunity to play our brand-new game features in advance and help us find any bugs or errors in the game."

A collaboration between NetEase and CCP Games, Eve Echoes is the free-to-play mobile spin-off of Eve Online, with many of the same features but set in a pristine version of New Eden in which no-one has heard of Band of Brothers, the Goons or Backdoor Bandit. It's probably where Innominate Nightmare buggered off to in order to be left alone.

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