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Desolation seems unlikely to salvage my interest in No Man's Sky

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I've bounced off of No Man's Sky so many times since it was released that I feel destined to never connect with the game. There was a moment, back when the NEXT update hit, when I thought the embers of my interest might have enough new kindling to ignite a full-blown passion, but as with each new restart before and since, my interest was spent within a couple of hours - usually soon after getting into space. (Is it just me that thinks flight is poorly realised in No Man's Sky? Answer below, if you please.)

Consequently, I've not even bothered with last week's Desolation update. As much as I enjoy the idea of rummaging through derelict ships and salvaging them for resources and echoes of past lives, I know I'm not going to get anywhere near any of them before my interest peters out.

Part of the problem is that despite being tempted back by them, each successive update seems further and further removed from what a new player experiences. As a serial restarter, I barely notice anything that's new any more. I doubt I would if I were to try the Desolation Update, either.

Not that I'm ready to give up on the game quite yet, but I wonder if the time when I do is slowly approaching. It would be a shame if and when it did, because I really appreciate the phenomenal effort that's gone into expanding No Man's Sky since its controversial release. Hopefully, I can make the connection before it's too late.

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