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CCP reveals fitting monument to fallen Eve Online players

After repeated calls over the years to honour the lives of its deceased players, CCP Games this week unveiled a permanent monument where those stranded in New Eden can commemorate the lives of their fallen capsuleer comrades.

Fittingly, the Molea Cemetary Monument - which is sure to be given a snappier name by players - has been erected on the site of a famed capsuleer graveyard, where for more than a decade in-game corpses were interred and to which players would increasingly visit to pay their respects.

First established by Azia Burgi in 2007, the graveyard in the Khanid region suffered more at the hands of impermanent game mechanics than other players, making the new structure particularly welcome. However, while the new structure is now firmly rooted in-game, it remains the case that those less respecting of the dead remain able to loot any memorial cannisters left by players for any treasure they might hide.

The focus for the monument is a structure depicting two pilots, leaving their capsule for the last time. A nice touch is that light continually builds up from the surrounding columns to surround the pod, which then shoots towards the stars, representing ascension to a more distant plane beyond New Eden, or for some the continuance of a journey far from over .

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