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Bomber Crew lands in the year 2152, calls itself Space Crew

Looking for all the world like a WWII-themed FTL as reimagined by a Wii-era Nintendo, Bomber Crew was an instant success when it took flight in 2017. Inevitably a sequel was commissioned and, rather obviously (otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it), it's set in space. The clue is in the name: Space Crew.

Once again the game features characters that wouldn't look out of place running around Wuhu Island, only this time instead of climbing aboard a rickety Lancaster bomber, they're stationed on a much more durable spaceship.

As before, the aim of the game is to take on missions and try to return home with your vessel intact and crew alive. There appear to be more hazards to deal with this time around, however, with asteroids, dangerous background radiation, pirates frequently attacking your ship and aliens beaming aboard to relieve you of your cargo. However, as was the case before, success in Space Crew comes down to prioritising issues as they start to pile up to hopefully minimise the costliest material losses.

More of the same then, which you can discover for yourself by checking out the three-mission demo on Steam, which will remain available until Monday, June 22.

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