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Arvoch Alliance is back

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

StarWraith 3D Games has released a new version of its 2011 space sim Arvoch Alliance, just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the developer's first release.

Announced back in May, the SE update - which is free to owners of the original game - is a foundational one; 'a complete rewrite of the game under a new development language with a new rendering API, new sound system, new multiplayer system, and new control input system.' There's no new content or "special edition" features, rather it's the case that the game's ageing airframe has been ripped out and replaced. If the update is deemed a success, then there's a good chance that 2015's Evochon Legacy will also receive an extensive refit.

The Arvoch and Evochron games form part of the same series, the former offering a more structured campaign-focused game and Evochron an open-world Elite-inspired adventure. Both are old school combat sims in many ways and have been overshadowed somewhat by the likes of Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, but they've retained a unique appeal thanks to their creator's fiercely independent vision - which doesn't appear to have been compromised in the slightest via the latest release.

I hope to check out Arvoch Alliance SE just as soon as I can dig out the old email that has the full game key. Otherwise, I might have to stick to the demo.

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