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Prepare for the jump to X-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing shares a special place in the hearts and minds of space gamers, making it an obvious candidate to be the first review...

Let there be lists!

If you like space game round-ups, you're in the right place. There will be listicles!

Welcome aboard

Welcome to Space Game Odyssey, where I plan to record my occasional adventures at the helm of whatever space game is taking my fancy.

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Welcome to the outer fringes of the gaming universe, from where I'll be docking with as many space games as time will allow - whether they're new releases lighting up the heavens or ancient wrecks thought lost to the void. 

If there's not much to see right now that's because I'm barely out of Clavius Base. Feel free to plot a rendezvous once I've got a few more light-years in the rear viewscreen. 

Me? I'm just a guy with a preference for space games that needed an excuse to play them a bit more. @zptr

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